Sprenger KK Ultra Universal

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When pulling the reins on a three ring bit, pressure is distributed from the tongue onto the lower jaw and the poll. This allows the rider to get more control over strong horses that if I’d upwards as the horse normally react by lowering the head trying to dodge this pressure.

With three ring bits the leverage effect is increased by the length of the side part. The optimum effect is achieved by using two pairs of reins. The main reins on the large ring act on the tongue and lower jaw, the second pair of reins on the lower ring, can exert pressure on the poll if required. Of course, this requires an experienced and sensitive rider’s hand.

This bit has the Unique features of the KK mouthpiece. Can be used in various different ways, one rein, two reins, with roundings, on the snaffle ring or on the bottom ring, with or without a leather curb strap. Using a curb would lessen the poll pressure and help to get a horses head down and round. Without the curb would help with horses who get strong with their head down. Curb For ones that get strong with their head up.