Euro-Star Snow Queen Full Grip Breeches

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PREMIUM COLLECTION- These breeches are perfect for low temperatures: Full-seat breeches with functional 4-way stretch material that will keep you warm in the winter. The surface material of these premium breeches is particular water and dirt resistant. The fullseat is made of silicone. The warm wool lining on the inside will keep you warm, and as a practical feature, it can be washed. The waist band with belt loops features a fashionable curvy decorative seam on the sides. The button on the front features logo embossing. The extra wide belt loop in the centre at the back also features the euro star logo. Vertical euro star print on the outer side above the right knee. A horizontal, red contrast stripe can be found at the bottom on the elastic leg ends. The wool used to make these breeches comes from businesses that do not employ the controversial Mulesing technique.