Sprenger Bits

High-quality bits from Sprenger.


Patented bit materials developed by SPRENGER, based on scientific research, toxicology tested by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and practically tested by professionals. SENSOGAN is an alloy of copper, manganese and zinc. Manganese hardens the copper without influencing the natural oxidation process of it. Due to the manganese, the alloy gets by with less copper content but achieves an equivalent oxidation behaviour as AURIGAN. AURIGAN is an alloy of copper, zinc and silicon. Silicon hardens the copper without influencing the natural oxidation process of it. Both materials increase the salivation and mouthing activity which positively influences the horses comfort, concentration and willingness to perform. SENSOGAN achieves even better salivation results as AURIGAN with less content of copper – this makes it easier to maintain and keep a shiny appearance.


Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chrome and nickel and has a high breaking strength. It is neutral in taste, has no saliva activating properties and therefore does not increase the mouthing activity of a horse. Because of the low production costs, the majority of STAINLESS STEEL bits are made in the Far East and – depending on the manufacturer – may provide significant differences in quality. All SPRENGER stainless steel products fulfil the highest quality standards. 


Compared to metal bits, plastic and rubber bits are softer and should not get in contact with the teeth of your horse. SPRENGER DUO bits are food safe, solvent free and do not contain plasticisers.  All SPRENGER DUO and rubber bits have a steel cable to provide more security and prevent them from being bitten through. Rubber generally has an eraser effect. We recommend the use of rubber bits only for horses that are salivating and chewing well in order to prevent it being uncomfortable for the horse.