Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Snaffle (Not available for trial)

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Loose ring snaffles transmit the pressure of the rein aids directly onto the tongue and the lower jaw without Leverage action in the neck. The movable rings may help to slightly compensate and balance unsteady and inexperienced riders hands. Also, the horse may slightly lift the bit in its mouth by stretching the tongue in order to evade too strong pressure from the rein aids in the short term. Loose ring snaffles are suitable for horses of all disciplines and educational levels, including breaking in a horse and familiarising young horses to bits and bridle. 
This bit has been developed for horses that may be too sensitive for a roller. Helps with the horses attention and also great for horses that are a little too quiet in the mouth and who don’t salivate enough. The movable piece encourages horses to relax the jaw and play/chew the bit. Also been found to help horses who grind their teeth. Not good for horses with sensitive tongues.